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Pregnancy Mortality

                -A Conversation with The Daily Drum's Harold Fisher,                        The Daily Drum Insight Segment

What Does It Mean To Lose A Pregnancy?

                 - An Interview with NPR's Joshua Johnson, 1A

Could Local Abortion and Family Planning Services Be Threatened By A New Trump Proposal

                 - An Interview with NPR's Kojo Nnamdi

The Push To Reverse America's Rising Maternal Mortality Rates

                 - An Interview with NPR's Joshua Johnson, 1A

Black Maternal Health Week

                 - An Interview with weekly radio show Feminist  Magazine

Black Moms In Crisis

                 - An Interview with WURD radio's Reality Check with       

                  Charles Ellison

20 Week Abortion Bans: Unnecessary and Arbitrary

                  - An Interview with podcast rePROs Fight Back

Landmark Maryland Bill Eases Restrictions To Birth Control

                  - An Interview with NPR's Kojo Nnamdi


Medication Abortion: Just the Facts-A moderated conversation with experts, advocates and activists about  medication abortion.
Sexual Health Care and Health Insurance-Q&A with
Giving Birth on Your Back Isn't the Only Way to Have a Baby-An Interview with Attn: Media
“How Trump Threatens a Woman’s Right to Reproductive Health Care,”  produced by the Center for American Progress 
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